Stefan Cobb

Investment Management

Focus Capital LLC offers attentive service and personal counsel, partnering with you to build a relationship defined by your goals, preferences, and active involvement. We analyze each client’s financial profile, lifestyle objectives and attitude toward risk, and then develop a suitable investment management plan. Founder Stefan Cobb, CFA, seeks to always balance a thorough, disciplined[…]

snowy mountain

Investment Process

Research is central to our approach – fundamental, technical and quantitative research. We link fundamental analysis with technical and quantitative analysis to identify equity securities with compelling risk/reward profiles. For our clients with Growth and GARP portfolios, we look for good, one-of-a-kind, companies with proprietary products and/or special know-how that are at inflection points in[…]

Fundamental Analysis

In our fundamental analysis, we employ a bottom up, company by company approach where we focus on: The nature of a company’s business and the size and growth potential of the industry in which it participates, its competitive advantages, its ability to be a low cost producer, its marketing and sales capabilities, its attitude toward[…]


Screening and Valuation Tools

To assist in finding the best stocks that are at inflection points, we use various quantitative and technical screens to screen a universe of over 5000 stocks. Our quantitative screens rank the stocks in order based on earnings dynamics such as: consistency of earnings growth, earnings acceleration, earnings surprise and earnings revisions. Return on Equity[…]


Short Portfolio Idea Generation

For our clients with short portfolios we also use fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis but at the opposite end of the spectrum from our long portfolio stock selection. Here we use our technical and quantitative screens to identify high relative valuation companies where on the margin revenues and/or earnings are decelerating and starting to disappoint,[…]