December 8, 2014

Investment Management Services

Investing can appear difficult in today’s financial markets, with information and opinions provided at the speed of light adding to the volatility of direction, which if not focused can confuse your path to progress. Most investors truly can’t see the forest for the trees because they are too close to their personal situation, think short-term and not at the end goal. Our job is to help you get focused on a long-term path to prosperity, to populate your investment portfolio with superior stocks to produce above average risk-adjusted returns.

Focus Capital LLC provides both Traditional and Alternative Investment Management Services.

Investment Management

We offer attentive service and personal counsel, partnering with you to build a relationship defined by your goals and preferences. We analyze each client’s financial profile, lifestyle objectives and attitude toward risk, and then develop a suitable investment management plan.

Our goal is to maximize returns by protecting equity investments in down markets, growing in bull markets, and generating positive returns in all types of markets. To achieve this goal, we use a proactive, disciplined investment process involving early identification and thorough assessment of opportunities, and vigilant monitoring to manage risk properly throughout the process. We take care to initiate, track, and exit positions in a profitable and risk-averse manner. We link fundamental analysis with technical and quantitative analysis to identify equity securities with compelling risk/reward profiles. We sell securities short using the same identification and monitoring techniques and discipline. We may use options or other derivatives to hedge our positions or to implement our strategy.

Above all, Focus Capital seeks to always balance a thorough, disciplined approach to investing, including risk and return analysis, “what if” scenarios, and careful asset allocation. Our risk management goal is the identification and understanding of all sources of risk. We consider risk at every stage of the investment management process and at the security, trade, strategy and portfolio.